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Real Estate Database

  • Store your data on your computer. Optionally store it on our WWW Cloud.
  • Automates the process of gathering and storing real estate information. With little or no typing you can easily build a comprehensive real estate database
  • More than 250 fields to describe each property record
  • Powerful Image Processor - attach all common image types so that original source information can be attached to a property record (image types: PDF,JPG,TIFF,BMP,GIF, more)
  • Search for a property record by any field in the real estate database
  • Filter the real estate database to display only records that meet specific criteria. For example, view only industrial properties between 30,000 and 50,000 square feet that have sold in the last two years. See the video Find a Record/Apply Filter Conditions
  • Sales Comparison Analysis - more than 1,000 combinations.
  • Development of Building Costs
  • Land Use Analysis fields

Integrated with Automated Word Processing to Easily Prepare Presentation Quality Reports

  • Powerful word processing built-in simplifies the preparation of narrative appraisals
  • Insert fields from a property record directly into a narrative document
  • Insert Income Analysis Reports directly into a narrative document
  • Generate presentation quality reports or an entire narrative document (appraisals, proposals, offering brochures, marketing literature, etc.)
  • Use our built in word processing editors to create your entire document (appraisal, marketing brochure, etc.). You can do the whole job in Commercial Complete! See Narrative Builder Overview for more information.

Finally, there is a Database Solution

A real estate database should be more that just a tool that can store comparable property data in "fields." The beauty of the Commercial Complete database is its ability to quickly capture original source information from all sources into a property record in a real estate database, while at the same time offering traditional "fields" so that detailed information about a property can be entered in the property record as needed. Whether the information come from faxes, emails, office files, PDFs, or Internet webpages, it can easily be made a part of the property record.

The computer age placed a treasure chest of real property information within easy reach of real estate professionals. But until now, there has been no solution to the question: How can the information that is gathered from numerous and varied sources be easily entered into a computerized real estate database where it is organized and easily accessible when needed? The traditional "field by field" approach has proved to be inadequate. The 2,000 year old method of storing information in office folders is - well, it is 2,000 years old. Hourly wages are a little higher now than they were in the days of the Roman empire.

Commercial Complete is the COMPLETE SOLUTION. It is the solution for one-man shops and it is the solution for large real estate offices.

With Commercial Complete, maintaining a real estate database becomes a huge benefit rather than a costly burden. Several videos are available that demonstrate the important information gathering and storage features - See Video List.

Commercial Complete provides complete data management capabilities to keep track of real property information.  The comprehensive list of items that you can enter includes address, location, assessed value, sale price, sale date, and photographs, to name just a few items in the long list.  Data storage and retrieval is easy.  You can compare properties, print Property Datasheets, print Comparable Grids and print lists of similar properties.

Commercial Complete offers more than 250 fields that can be filled in as necessary. The fields are self-explanatory.  Placing your mouse over a field label will display more information on the meaning of each field and restrictions, if any, to entering data in that field.  Field names can be easily changed and customized to suit your particular needs. For example, a Tax Map. No in one local may be called a Parcel No. in another. A Community field is offered by default, but you may want to change the name of this field an use it for another purpose. This is true for all of the text fields in Commercial Complete.

Data entry is easy and smart. Each text field has a dropdown list that is automatically populated each time an entry is made. For example, when a city is entered in the City field, it is added to the list. The next time that the first few letters of this city is entered in the City field, it is automatically displayed. This greatly speeds up data entry, standardizes input, and reduces typing errors.

Powerful Search and Filter options enable the user to easily limit his view to records that meet certain criteria.  For example, you can display just office buildings in a particular city that sold in the last three years and range in size from 10,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet. See the video Find a Record/Filtering Records for a demonstration.

Commercial Complete keeps track of data as you enter it.  It is not necessary to "save" files as you go along.  Information is automatically saved as you type.  Commercial Complete goes way beyond just storing information.  Intelligence is built in.  Acres are converted to square feet and vice versa.  Accumulated depreciation is automatically calculated when Effective Age and Economic Life are entered.  Many Key Indicators are calculated and displayed.  Among these indicators are Price per Square Foot, Price per Rental Unit, Land Value/Price, Land to Building Ratio, to name just a few.

Commercial Complete will prepare a Sales Comparison Grid, based upon comparable properties that you assign to a given Subject. It will assist you in developing a Cost Approach.

Real Estate Database - Sale Comparison Grid

Because "the Expert is in the Software," you do not have to worry about formulas, report formatting, or spreadsheet manipulation. Everything is automatic. Data entry is easy. Reports are clean, comprehensive and automatically display only the data that is relevant to the particular property.

Older Real Estate Database Software - How it Used to be Done

Software designers have always struggled to make their software products easy to use, yet efficient.  Early data management software was usually completely menu-driven.  If fact, most real estate database software still is.

When you started the software, you were presented with a short list of buttons over a gray background.  For example,

  • Press this button for Hotel Sales
  • Press that button for Apartments
  • Press this button for Commercial Leases
  • Press this and that and this and that

Once one button is pressed, the user would be taken to another screen where more button presses were required.

  • Press this button to do a Search
  • Press that button to Add a Record
  • Press this button to see a Photo
  • Press this and that and this and that

This design was simple and straightforward, but very restrictive and inefficient for the end-user.  Each time that he wanted to perform a task, the user had to work through a list of menu choices.  But this design was the best that software designers could do 20 years ago.  Computer hardware limitations and early programming techniques had not reached a point where more could be offered. 

Our Approach to Data Entry
Modern user interfaces have changed quite a bit.  Today’s best graphical interfaces allow one to do most of his work on a single screen, navigating to other "windows" by simply clicking on the appropriate tab.  This design is both easy to use and efficient, meaning that you can get done what you need to do quickly and easily.  The user interface of the Commercial Complete Property Data Screen is a modern graphical interface that you will find very easy to learn and use.

BOTTOM LINE - Your information is entered into Commercial Complete during the process of gathering and analysing the information for the subject and comparable properties. Rather than taking additional time to get your information into a real estate database, Commercial Complete will actually save you time. When the assignment is done, the information is already stored, organized, and ready for your next assignment.

Commercial Complete offers many benefits that will save you time and improve your work product. As a big bonus, you will have a comprehensive, organized real estate database that will only get better every day.

Now you finally have an incentive to organize your data.

Considering Other Real Estate Database Software?

If you have used, or are considering, other real estate database programs, then you know how confusing they can be to navigate from screen to screen. There is a reason for this.  They are written in a database programming environment and screen design capabilities are extremely limited. So you end up having to input data on 3, 4 or 10 screens. We write our software from scratch - and it shows. You might say that our software is "handmade". It stands alone in a class by itself.

Property Data Screen

The Property Data Screen is the heart of the Commercial Complete real estate database.

All of the information that you need to store for a commercial property is at your fingertips on a single screen. Extensive search and filter capabilities are available so that you can search by just about any field and filter records according to any set of criteria. See the video Find a Record/Apply Filter Conditions. Display properties of a specific Property Type, in a specific price range, that sold between specific dates. Display properties in a given local area. Select, display and compare properties that have sold to your Subject property. Enormously flexible and powerful, Commercial Complete gives you control over your data.

Latest Design Technology

Commercial Complete's real estate database that is based upon the latest technology. We have looked at other real property databases on the market. They cannot compare to Commercial Complete when it comes to image storage, analysis capabilities, ease of use, level of features, or quality of reports. Most, if not all, are based on older technologies.  And our research suggests that many carry high annual maintenance fees.  Worse yet, these products have a weak history of upgrading their products to keep pace with new technologies (MsDos, then Windows 95, then Windows 98, then ME, then XP, then Vista, then Windows 7 and 8, then Windows 10, then….). 

If you go down the road of hiring someone to customize a real estate database for you, watch out for the deep pit.  And make sure that whoever does it for you will be around to modify it or fix it.

Long History

Commercial Complete and Investment Analyst has a long history.  We have made steady improvements over the years; over 20 major upgrades in 25+ years.  And we do not require annual maintenance fees.  You can upgrade when the time is right for you.

Comprehensive and Smart

Any property type can be stored in the Commercial Complete real estate database.  Improved sales and land sales.  Shopping centers and apartment buildings.  Income and non-income properties. Farms.  Even single family properties.  Fields for sale price, legal information, dimensions, income/expenses, location, quality of construction, land use ..... many more. It has it all.

You can define the types as you enter new data.  Commercial Complete is smart enough to know the difference.  Powerful search capabilities.  Better than anything we have seen.

Sales Comparison Analysis, Cost Analysis, Key Indicators

Commercial Complete will assist in preparing a Sales Comparison Analysis, based upon non-income adjustments or any of several multipliers (direct caprates, gross income multiplier, adjusted gross multiplier, or net income multiplier. It will help you to develop a depreciated cost. And it instantly calculates Key Indicators for each property.

We Can Assist you in Converting Your data

If you already have a real estate database, there is a good chance that we can move your data into Commercial Complete.  Additional charges may apply, depending upon what you have.

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Entering data into the computer is time-consuming. Without an incentive, you probably will not do it. Commercial Complete will give you the incentive.

A Satisfied Client

Any appraiser or broker will tell you: "If I only had the data, my job would be easy." Finding data and organizing data so that you can quickly access it later are two of the most difficult problems for a real estate professional. We cannot help you when it comes to finding the data, but we can make the organization, later retrieval, and presentation of the data much, much, much easier.

Entering property data into a computer takes time. If you are an appraiser, here is the way it usually goes. When you start an assignment, you are juggling many things at once. You need to gather information on the subject, find comparable sales, work on the Income Approach, Sales Comparison Approach and Cost Approach, write the narrative, produce the final report (today, it is probably at least three copies of the report and a PDF). Most important, of course, you must determine the value. And there is always a deadline and it always comes down to the last day. Right? Then comes the next assignment.

So what do you do? You have a large file folder for the assignment where you stuff all of the data that you have gathered - notes, news clippings, printouts of web sites, phone numbers, and so on. And you have data that stored on your computer in various places; spreadsheets, word files, photo folders, maybe a custom database that you have created in Excel or Access. You know that you should take the time to organize all of this information before you move on, but you probably already are juggling the next assignment and another deadline is approaching. You do not have the time to enter more information into the computer for a job that has just gone out of the door.

Most real estate professionals face similar problems. The result is that data never gets entered and you start digging through two, or ten, year old files when you need it again.

We have given this problem much thought and have concluded that the only way to solve it is to provide tangible, time-saving incentives during the entire process. You will use Commercial Complete from the beginning of the process to the finished output.

With Investment Analyst built into Commercial Complete, the Income Approach is taken care of;, from storing income information, to calculating the value, to producing presentation quality reports that you can insert directly into your narratives. Analyst saves at least a day of preparation when compared to other methods that you might use to produce similar calculations and reports. Most important, it enables you to do a better job of analysing the property's income.

A full word processor is also built into Commercial Complete. Data can easily be inserted into any document.

Here are some of the time-saving features of Commercial Complete.

Gathering Information

Lets start with the subject of your assignment. Gathering information is the first step. The information usually comes from various sources and usually over a period of time. Your client mails, emails, or faxes some of the property information. Other information is found on the County Website, in articles published on the Internet, from CoStar, LoopNet, perhaps the local multilist, and various other sources.

Since you are not yet ready to begin analyzing the information, it is placed in a file folder and other scattered locations on your computer. The database section of Commercial Complete was designed to organize this process. "Database" is really a misnomer. Our real estate database is an "information base". Information can be gathered and stored from practically any source. Internet articles, County data, PDF files from the owner, faxes, etc., can all be added to a property record for instant retrieval when you need it.

File folders can be practically eliminated because all of your documentation can be stored with the property record. See the video Research in the Internet Age to see how easily this can be done.

Analyzing the Information
The information has to be analysed, put into an organized format, and manually entered into your narrative. Since you have already gathered the information and attached it to a Commercial Complete property record, this becomes an easy task. You will be suprised at how much time is saved when you do not have to dig through your file folders, copy information from hard copies of documents, etc.

Your analysis of the subject probably includes calculating basic ratios by entering data into a calculator or a simple spreadsheet program. Then the results are written down on paper and later input again when you are preparing your narrative.

If your information is entered into Commercial Complete, much of the analysis work is done automatically. The Key Indicators window of Commercial Complete is displayed in the illustration below. The information is instantly available as your data is entered. You can view these ratios by Sale Price, Market Value, Income Value, Comparison Value, or Cost Value, just be clicking the appropriate button. The result is a better analysis and time saved.
And a presentation quality report is also available instantly. More time saved.

Sample Property Datasheet

Real Estate Database Software

The same analysis benefits and time savings are achieved when you enter a Sale Comparable, a Rent Comparable, or a Listing.

But what about the other calculations that you perform? Comparison Grids? Income Multipliers? Direct Caprates? You are probably still struggling with spreadsheets - more or less automating the process. But not adequately. Or you are grinding out the calculations on a calculator. Or you are skipping these calculations because "they do not apply," when what you may really mean is that it takes too long to calculate, format data, and insert into your narrative.

Once you have entered the data for comparables in Commercial Complete, the reports below are instantly available. Up to 6 groups of comparables, each containing up to 9 comparables, can be associated with any "Subject". Click on a report below to see more detail

Summary of Comparables

Real Estate Database Software - Sale Comparison Grid

The Summary of Comparables Report displays various multipliers for each comparable
Sample Comparison Grid
Real Estate Database - Sale Comparison Grid

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